Thursday, October 14, 2010

LiveMotion font production: shadow word

In the last section has described how to use 3d tools, so that the text can stand up in the plane, this section will be further explored how to create more realistic 3d characters. Let us look at the finished results (Figure 1), (Figure 2). How, is not just more brightly than the out?

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

Figure 1 is livemotion the style (style) in selected, it is also the reason why I have set out is to further explain the convenience of style. Figure 2 is a writer based on the previous processing out. Do not look down upon those shadows, although the production of relatively simple, but if they are less so, realistic performance has some problems. Ok, let us go.

(Figure 3)

I believe we have been able to post the first chapter tutorial made easy preview it in Figure 3. Next to do is add a shadow. In fact, the production of the shadow is not a very difficult task, we need to do is to change the text of the original form (including color and location) only.

(Figure 4)

First, copy the text of the original look, and then paste the text in the original top, after the location of mobile, it becomes Figure 4 looks like. In the production of shadow, let us know again what a tool bar panel. (Figure 5)

(Figure 5)

But the people behind this tool, in the illustrator can play a big role in any vector color fill can not be separated from it Oh, it is - Opacity (transparency and gradient). Because we do not want to draw the things that we are a single color, but the transition between colors and color so that we can not keep it to adjust, so it ... ... (the writer here, but repeatedly emphasized the importance of this tool Oh), where, Object Opacity is to control the transparency of a single geometric unit, while Object Layer Opacity to control the level of transparency. (On the use of gradient will in future have specific examples, do not do much description here) set in accordance with Figure 5, the final results will appear in Figure 6.

(Figure 6)

Here also told of a mapping process very important principle, that is, the vertical position of the various components, specifically, is which one is above the pressure at which the above will cover live the following, and if adjustments After the alpha, there are unexpected results, do not know the hour marquis scenes look at the solar eclipse still remember the ... ...

(Figure 7)

As shown in Figure 7, after the selected components, there will be more options, as do the shadows in this section the word, their influence is not great, so what the big difference on nothing, while The creative process in the future will play a big role. In order to unify the author or the shadows over the bottom layer. The final output of goods shown in Figure 8.

(Figure 8)

This section is a continuation of 3d fonts, with emphasis on the production of shadow, of which there are two important technology, laying the foundation for the future creation, one is the use of the Opacity of the adjustment, the other is the introduction of the concept of vertical rows of cloth. Hope that after this section, readers can make their own individual character more realistic 3d effect to.

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